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We got tremendous and professional help from our maternity nurse Felicia. She answered all our questions about the newborn, she has a lot of knowledge. Felicia does her job with her heart and our baby felt that and calmed down very quickly. I had a lactation problem that was quickly solved with the interests of the baby and mine in mind. Felicia consulted often and all matters with the midwife, I found this very professional!
We think Felicia is very sweet.

Beata, Marcin and Milan


My maternity week was a top week with Cynthia, Joanna and student Seval. I felt familiar with you guys. In the beginning I wanted to do a lot of things myself but they convinced me that I have to rest that it will be okay. They have guided me well with breastfeeding and reassured me that the stowage will decrease. Furthermore we had a lot of nice conversations. The week went by quickly it was also much too nice!


Felicia is a walking information book, she is super social very polite and knows when to take a step back. Does everything by herself take care of me and my daughter perfectly. I wanted to have her in the house for a few more weeks but everything comes to an end. Beau is also a sweet girl but we have only seen her for a short time, but she also knows what she is doing. Beau is a sweet and caring person and when she makes a meal for you it is taken care of down to the last detail. really 2 great girls well chosen by Cynthia. I enjoyed my stall time because of you. Thank you very much!




Our maternity nurse Bo was very helpful and brought peace and regularity in our maternity week. It was very important to me that my breastfeeding would succeed. Bo supported me very well with all her knowledge and tips and my breakfast was taken care of every day. Bo you're a topper.

Mary and Bass


I loved the maternity week. Maybe it's also because I had a really good birth. I had a lot of support around me and a very good maternity nurse I could count on. I recovered quickly and also felt good when we unfortunately had to say goodbye to each other. In short: I had a wonderful maternity week in which I was spoiled.

Hülya G.

Maternity care Mammaloe

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