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Marco, Laura and Myla

We had a wonderful maternity week together with Valerie. We had very good guidance. She was very helpful and listened carefully to our wishes. We are very happy with our choice for this maternity agency, because it is small-scale and there is also a personal approach during the intake ect.


Mark and Jolanda and a big hug from Lucay Maicey Rodin and little Donna

We had a very nice maternity week with Simone. Simone is a professional in her profession! She has given us many tips (even though it is our 3rd you never stop learning) She is sweet spontaneous and my children felt very comfortable with Simone. I definitely recommend this maternity agency!!! Thank you Simone Mammaloe maternity care this week we as a family will not forget.

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Maxine Misset

Nina, we miss you already! What a great time you gave us in our very last maternity week ever. All the info fresh in our minds again after the other 2 kids. We recommend this fine maternity care facility to everyone!


Dave Jairzinho

Last week our beautiful baby girl was born. The afternoon we came home we had super help! Real passion for the job! Nadien helps us super well in guiding us how to do everything best. From the moment she came in there was immediately a relaxed atmosphere! We cannot think of a better maternity care. Highly recommended to everyone!!!


Sebastian Groenendaal

We were incredibly well served by Mammaloe's Maternity Care !!! Could not have wished for better. Simone tried so hard and even brought snacks and food for lunch 🙂 A big 10 from us! Highly recommended for anyone looking for maternity care.



My maternity week was a top week with Cynthia, Joanna and student Seval. I felt familiar with you guys. In the beginning I wanted to do a lot of things myself but they convinced me that I have to rest that it will be okay. They have guided me well with breastfeeding and reassured me that the stowage will decrease. Furthermore we had a lot of nice conversations. The week went by quickly it was also much too nice!

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Harald Stangeland

The maternity week with Nina was epic. She was very helpful (even with things that she is not supposed to take care of) and we learned a lot during the week. Everything was explained and described which we found very comforting. Whoever gets Nina knocking on the door for maternity services - You're lucky!


Kaltoum El Makhloufi

Nina gave me a wonderful maternity period, very attentive, sweet, caring, and social, had lots of useful tips and she helped me and our two babies very well, felt right away. I recommend everyone Mamaloe but especially Nina. A topper!!!



The maternity nurse is a walking information book , she is super social very polite and knows when to step back . Does everything by herself cared for me and my daughter perfectly. I would have liked to have her around for a few more weeks but everything comes to an end. Beau is also a sweet girl but we only had her for a short time, but she also knows what she is doing. Beau is a sweet and caring person and when she makes you a meal it is taken care of to perfection. really 2 great girls well chosen by Cynthia. I was able to enjoy my maternity time wonderfully because of you guys. Thank you so much!


Hülya G.

I loved the maternity week. Maybe it's also because I had a really good birth. I had a lot of support around me and a very good maternity nurse I could count on. I recovered quickly and also felt good when we unfortunately had to say goodbye to each other. In short: I had a wonderful maternity week in which I was spoiled.


Julia Hallie

We had maternity care from Mammaloe for the first time and how nice it was! Nina gave us a week of great help, support and good tips. We are extremely satisfied and would recommend Mammaloe to anyone who needs maternity care. Top company!

Sangita Sharma

What a fantastic maternity care!!!Right from the intake I had a good feeling. I definitely had a good experience with Mammaloe maternity care. They know exactly what they are doing and give very good advice.

Even me friend was impressed and want for the 3rd purely to hire maternity mammaloe! I see you too!

Najib Touza

Hasina Nanhekhan

Received maternity care from Mammaloe for the first time. I had a very good feeling right from the intake. This was confirmed again during the maternity week. Nice conversations and good advice from Nina. Advice we could really use. And not to forget.... delicious food. Really a top maternity specialist!

Mammaloe maternity care is definitely recommended.

My wife had an amazing maternity week thanks to Valerie! She is super sweet and close to the heart. She taught us a lot and I was happy she included me as well when giving the advice.
Also, my wife is happy that Simone passed by to teach her some things about feeding the baby. This shows the care of the people who work at Mammaloe. We would very much recommend Mammaloe maternity care to everyone. Ask to be helped by Valerie 🙂 .

Monica Gerritse

Our maternity week was fantastic! We were so nicely supported during my delivery and the whole maternity period. We could not have wished for better thanks to Valerie we had a wonderful week with our family, we are really on a pink cloud! We would recommend Mammaloe maternity care to everyone!
Lots of love from the Burrie family

Magdalena Fąs

Very happy from help from Joanna, we get a lot of informations, 8 days with her pass very fast, we are able now to enjoy our little family. Next time for się we gonna choose Mammaloe Maternity Care.

Mary and Bass


Our maternity nurse Bo was very helpful and brought peace and regularity in our maternity week. It was very important to me that my breastfeeding would succeed. Bo supported me very well with all her knowledge and tips and my breakfast was taken care of every day. Bo you're a topper.

Beata, Marcin and Milan

We received tremendous and professional help from our maternity nurse. She answered all our questions about the newborn, she has a lot of knowledge. The maternity nurse does her job with her heart and our baby felt that and calmed down very quickly with her. I had a lactation issue that was quickly resolved with the best interest of the baby and mine in mind. The maternity nurse consulted often and all issues with the midwife, I found this very professional!
We found the maternity nurse to be very sweet.

Melissa Santos

We had a super maternity week thanks to Nina. Super sweet, caring and gave us good tips even though it was our second child she could really teach us some new things. We had a really nice week with Nina! I would recommend Mammaloe Maternity Care to everyone, they are really great!

Omar El A

Very good experience with Mammaloe maternity care. One week at home helped and relieved by Petra (fine, kind, social maternity nurse). Nice that a startup was possible and the professional way of working says a lot about the vision of Mammaloe maternity care. All the wishes we had are also taken into account. I really recommend Mammaloe maternity care to every future parent! Petra, thank you for everything!

Gina B

Maternity week was an emotional and tough period, but thanks to Simone our worries and burdens were eased! We were incredibly well taken care of and thought with us. Simone is very professional, sincere, caring and helpful. If you are looking for a small-scale, nice, caring, experienced and professional maternity home, Mammaloe is the right place for you.

Bob Vermeer

For our first little one, had help from Nina during our maternity week, nice that she could also get us started the first evening. Learned a lot from her and got great tips. She was in constant contact with the midwife to get the right plan. Absolutely great!

Marijke van Nieuwkoop

Nadien has been involved with our family from the beginning. She was present during delivery and provided great support to the midwife and us during and after delivery. Nadien is calm, sweet and respectful and adapted to the family where she is, she spoiled and looked after us with a nice lunch, coffee, tea, fruit and you name it. Breastfeeding did not start well, but Nadien gave good and professional tips. She had consultations with the midwife and lactation consultant. Eventually we managed to breastfeed. Nadien kept good records so that when she was away we could read everything back. Nadien gave us a great maternity week and she is a topper!

Melissa Put

Prior to my maternity week, I was incredibly looking forward to this. I am someone who doesn't like to have people around all day and doesn't want to hand anything over. But from the first moment our maternity nurse came in I had such a good feeling and it felt very familiar. I couldn't have imagined a better maternity week and was very sad that it was over. I received such fine care and advice and above all it was just super cozy. Thank you so much for these days!

Linda Nooij

We had maternity Nadiene, and we were super satisfied. The care is well adapted to your need for help. She looked at what we needed and offered that to us. Very professional. All questions were answered well.
If there may ever be a next one we will definitely choose Mammaloe maternity care again.

A Es

When we were looking for a maternity agency that suited us, a friend of ours recommended maternity care mammaloe. She said it was a relatively new company with a very committed owner with a huge love for the profession! How happy we were when we got to know petra, our super fun and skilled maternity nurse who got us through the whole maternity week without any problems! Our thanks to the whole mammaloe team for all the support and advice.

Inge Baas

Had very caring and competent maternity nurse Petra as my maternity nurse. Also the planning of the maternity care went smoothly with personal and involved contact. If we have another child, we will definitely approach Mamaloe Maternity Care again.

Yamina Essaddouqi

Very nice maternity nurse. A woman who helped me tremendously, was sweet to the little one but above all taught me a lot. It pains me to say goodbye to a great maternity week. Mammaloe is definitely recommended, from intake to maternity week I am really satisfied.


Mammaloe is the best Maternity Care I have had so far. I was helped by Maternity Caregiver Petra. Petra is a very caring caregiver. Our family consists of 4 children two of the children have intellectual disability. Petra gave our family a lot of love and attention. She made plans with me every day and the planning always goes well. She is very practical and friendly. Communication also went very well with mammaloe. Mammaloe offered more than what I expected. I recommend all mothers to hire mammaloe.
I wish mammaloe much success

Michiel Kok

A top maternity week, maternity assistant knew what to say to help first-time parents get started. We are very happy with how things went and would definitely recommend Mammaloe!

Z Griffith

Personable. Caring. Flexible. Compassionate.

Valerie was our maternity nurse. We had a good click with her and was very nice to see someone love her profession so much.

Linda Bosman

Also now with corona measures I have felt very comfortable in the contact with the maternity care. At the time of the intake it was not possible to see each other, but all time was taken over the phone for me and my questions. The moment the baby arrived the switch was made immediately and half an hour after we were home from the hospital someone was already there to help us start up.
Our own regular maternity nurse, Joanna, came the next morning and is truly an angel. She is super caring and kind, very patient and calm in her explanations with a very positive and enthusiastic energy. We are going to miss her tremendously!
There will not be a second child, but if there would be one I would definitely use Mammaloe again and ask for Joanna again.

Loannis Korniotakis

Our experience with the Maternity Care Nina was one of the most beautiful. Nina taught us everything within 10days. She is the master of breast feeding and gives all her effort to show to the parents how to handle and approach the babies in the best way and learn each other in the daily base. We definitely recommend Maternity Care Nina for everyone. Thank you Nina for everything, you are the one. Keep up the great job!!!

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