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Intake call

During the intake interview, the maternity consultant will inform you extensively about our possibilities and we will take the time to map out your personal wishes.


Tailor-made maternity care

We provide customized care, within the possibilities of the national indication protocol. During the intake we will work with you to assess your care needs.

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Mammaloe maternity care has a contract with all health insurers for 2023. If you are insured in the Netherlands, maternity care is reimbursed from your own basic package.

What can you expect from our maternity nurse?

Whether you have a home birth, an outpatient childbirth or a medical birth, in all cases you are entitled to maternity care. The maternity nurse will do her utmost during the maternity period to help you and your partner on their way, by providing useful tips, advice and instruction on how to take care of your baby. The maternity nurse will monitor your and your baby's health closely on a daily basis, identifying risks in good time and being able to call in the right professionals to prevent further complications. Are you considering breastfeeding? Then our maternity nurse will apply her extensive knowledge of breastfeeding and offer you professional support.

In short, the maternity assistant is committed to ensuring that you can take care of the baby independently after the maternity period and slowly resume your daily activities. The core tasks of a maternity nurse in a row:

  • Assists the midwife during the home birth, or at the request of the midwife in the hospital;
  • Observes mother and baby, identifies and reports her findings in the care file;
  • Draws up a care plan and works closely with the midwife;
  • Guides you in breast and/or artificial feeding;
  • Teaches you rotational care;
  • Gives advice, information and instructions;
  • Gives attention to the integration of the baby in your family;
  • Ensures overall hygiene;
  • Carries out light household chores every day;
  • Offers support to other family members;
  • Does a transfer to the consulting firm;
  • Offers a listening ear.

What do the mommies think of our care?

We received tremendous and professional help from our maternity nurse Felicia. She answered all our questions about the newborn, she is very knowledgeable. Felicia does her job with her heart and our baby felt that and calmed down very quickly with her. I had a lactation problem that was quickly resolved with the baby's best interest and mine in mind. Felicia consulted often and all issues with the midwife, I found this very professional!
We found Felicia to be very sweet.

Beata, Marcin and Milan

Beata, Marcin and Milan

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Your care, our passion!